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Using and Care of your Purchases

Your purchase would benefit from an occasional wipe with a mild detergent on a soft cloth or sponge to keep its finish. Avoid the use of use abrasives as it may damage the bound surface. 

Perfume applied near to the item may also damage the bound surface, clean items regularly as described that may come into contact with toiletries to prevent damage.  

Penrux items are robust but we do not recommend partaking of boisterous activities or allowing them to be played with.

Items are not suitable for unsupervised children.

Buyers should be aware of sharp and small components when puchasing. 


Keepsakes are decorative and not intended to have objects attached to them. 
Penrux uses Zinc alloy, Rhodium, Stainless steel and Silver-Plated components, as stated in each listing. Buyers should read the listing to judge if suitable to known allergies, if any.

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