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"Good Coffee is a pleasure Good Friends are a treasure"
Friends keepsake
Single-sided stainless steel pendant and charms
This keepsake features the quote "Good Coffee is a pleasure Good Friends are a treasure" and is the perfect gift for a friend who you enjoy spending time with over a coffee.The clip-on design of the bag charm, makes it easy to attach to bags while the keyring adds a unisex personal touch to your keys. This handmade keepsake is designed and made in the UK by Penrux and is the perfect way to show off your love for friends and the importance of good friends and good coffee and in life.Keepsakes are designed to be a reminder that calls a memory or thought to the mind. The owner can wear or carry the keepsake with them, making them ideal gifts to show you care about the recipient. The message is personal and not intended to be read at a distance.


Keepsake orders will be presented in a gift bag and packed in a Sealed Air padded envelope.
An optional gift bag is available.
Please, allow UP TO five days for despatch.

Material: Pendant - stainless steel, Charms - alloy.
Pendant Size: 20mm x 20mm heart shape.
Colour: Pendant - Silvertone, Charms - antique silver.
Lobster Clasp: 33mm silver-plated.
Keyring: 25mm, silver-tone, flat.
Please refer to the Dispatch and Delivery policy.
Your Order History shows the order status with the Delivery Confirmation Tracking number. 

"It takes Someone Special to be a Childminder Thank you" - Childcare Tha


20% Purchases of 3 or More Keepsakes

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