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Dog Breed 

Clip-on Bag or Zipper Charm
Single-sided enamel

This charming accessory is perfect for any dog lover. The Breed dog charm can be clipped onto your bag, used as a zipper pull or even as a stitch marker. The charm is made from enamel and alloy and represents a choice of 34 different breeds. The lightweight and detachable charm has many uses, they can be clipped onto bags, shoe laces, coats, necklaces, bracelets, wool craft as stitch markers for knitting and crochet as well as giving a personal touch to gift wrap and greeting cards.


Donation to The Dogs Trust from every sale.

The labeled breeds are a guide only. Some pendants are representative of more than one visually similar breed, e.g. Shetland Sheepdog / Rough Collie.

Keepsake orders will be presented in a gift bag and packed in a Sealed Air padded envelope.
Gift box available
Keepsakes will be hand-made to order, please allow up to five days for dispatch.


Material: Enameled alloy pendant.
Size: Pendant varies 20mm - 25mm x 15mm - 30mm, message for precise measurement.
Metal colour: Alloy: silver, enamel: various.
Lobster Clasp: 9mm x 15mm, silver plated.
Pendant enameled on one side.

Please refer to the Dispatch and Delivery policy.

Your Order History shows the order status with the Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number. 

DOG Breeds - Clip-on Bag * Zipper * Shoe Lace Charm - Stitch Marker - 34 breeds


20% Purchases of 3 or More Keepsakes

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