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Jewellery Gift box
Cotton filled, 21mm x 38mm x 16mm
Two piece, quality board jewellery gift boxes are perfect for the presentation of 
Necklace, pendant, keyring, earrings, bag charm and rings or jewellery sets. 
Available in gold or silver, please select from the drop down menu.
External size 51 x 38 x 16 mm.
Boxes are designed to be bought with a keepsake. 
Please note that any jewellery box purchased on its own without a keepsake 
will be dispatched with the top and bottom separate,
as large letter post in a Poly envelope, 
so saving you the cost of a deeper parcel.  
Please refer to the Dispatch and Delivery schedule.
Your Order History shows the order status with Delivery Confirmation Tracking number. 

Jewellery Gift box Cotton filled 21mm x 38mm x 16mm


20% Purchases of 3 or More Keepsakes

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