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Wooden Hearts Inspirational Quotes

Friends, Family, Colleagues, Neighbours.

Laser-cut wooden decorations. 

Quantity discount available.


Choose from -

Daddy to be.....I can't wait to meet you. 

Christmas in Heaven.....Just One Empty Chair.

A Whisper from Heaven....Missing You Always.
When Nights are Cold....a silent wish that you were here.
Friends are the Family we Choose.
A True Friend is hard to find....that Friend is You.
Once in a Lifetime.....To Have a Friends like You (Best Friend).
Chance made us Neighbours.....made us Friends.
Chance made us Colleagues......made us Friend (Fun & Laughter).
Chance made us Colleagues......made us Friend (Craziness).

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Your order will be packed in a padded envelope or a postal box. 
Please allow up to five days for dispatch.


Material: Wood.
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2mm.
Colour: Natural.


Please refer to the Dispatch and Delivery schedule.
Your Order History shows the order status with Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number.

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